COOL VIDEO: surfing a mega wave

An old video from 2006, but still shows the power of nature. I have scuba dive and sailed so understand the feeling of nature, specially water, being around. The fragile the moment is in the immensity, the level of concentration and focus and the clearness of mind. It is […]

A note about motivation and good work

Since 13 I have had the opportunity to work. My beginnings were not based on need but on keeping myself busy and getting experience in dealing with people, circumstances and basically learning how to live. After finishing my undergrad courses I got into working in my “profession”, I started like […]

Teaching Design for Change

Here in Chile summer vacation runs through February, thus since last Friday I am officially on vacation. I have written a list of ideas to contemplate during this time. I won’t mention all of them but are all under the concept of “different”, that is, that I can get […]