Within the possible activities at HEC, one that really caught my eye was the TEC On-Campus. If you want more information look at http://www.vistage.com. Two key ideas from TEC, success from work-life balance and a peer advisory structure, resonated personally. I believe success is the match between identifying one’s desires and achieving them. Obviously, these […]

I am certain most MBA students feel the need over-prepare before starting the program, especially when you get a folder of courses and docs from the previous intake. I had the same feeling… which quickly faded as time wasn’t available for such pre-reading. Instead the pre-arrival preparation, not only mandatory, but worth doing is related […]

The matter of selecting schools is always a complex one, you have rankings, potential network and employment, total costs and debts, geography and many other variables. The main variables I took into account were: program length, tuition and living cost, recognition, alumni network and family fit. Based on these variables US options were eliminated, recognized […]