[MBA] Get the 5-point-guide to find an MBA internship and post-MBA job search

The search for an internship during an MBA is an important experience for many students. It provides you with the chance to work in fields, companies and geographies you see yourselves in the future. Regardless of your previous work experience, the search for an internship is one filled with great expectations, and the need to be prepared.

During my time at HEC Paris, I listened to various career mentors, recruiters, HR staff, reviewed many slides and videos on the topic and took notes to develop a personal action plan.

In this process I thought it would be ideal to have a “general dashboard” – a visual map – with the basic aspects needed for this research and preparation, which I call the 5-point guide to finding an MBA internship and post-MBA job.

For a small price you can download and start using this “to-the-point” guide on your personal project.


Get the 5-point guide to find an MBA internship and post-MBA job search, based on experiences from MBA students at HEC Paris



I used this dashboard for every internship position I applied and the jobs afterward. You can find in my LinkedIn profile where I’m working at the moment.

The guide, in its initial form, helped me and other colleagues in the ongoing search for the prosperous career.


  1. I am graduated at water supply and sanitation 11yrs ago. Now i want to study Hydraulic water resources engineering.


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