[MBA] A unique program within the HEC MBA: To TEC or not to TEC ?

Within the possible activities at HEC, one that really caught my eye was the TEC On-Campus. If you want more information look at www.vistage.com. Two key ideas from TEC, success from work-life balance and a peer advisory structure, resonated personally.

I believe success is the match between identifying one’s desires and achieving them. Obviously, these desires change in time as the intensity to fulfill them. At times, these might be in conflict thus creating tension in the decision-making process to work for the best option. I believe everyone has experienced this tension, especially when dealing with work-life balance situations. A personal example was choosing to do an MBA for a career transition – business and leadership skills – and  while taking into account my wife´s aspirations in the growth of her business side while raising a little boy, currently feeling we have made the best decision.

In this work-life balance questions arise, and quite frequently, such as: Can I do it better? Am I pondering all the variables? What’s the next challenge? Am I communicating and motivating appropriately the goals? How to best include my family in the scenarios?. After searching about TEC (videos, blogs and alumni comments), I believe the program fosters the ideal scenario to reflect on such questions and come up with the best path and would offer the professional framework to prepare myself.

I applied and weeks later got the acceptance to the group of 12 that will live the TEC On Campus experience. I am certain TEC will provide the atmosphere and key tools to better refine personal, professional and family desires. I expect the open conversations with other people in similar situation, reflections of experts and CEOs, and one’s vision of the future, will help me become a more insightful person to “match” my desires and pave ways to achieving them.

Here is a picture during the 1st session:



  1. Dear Timo
    I am really proud of you, because you are and live a real balanced life, taking care of your own dreams and goals, but also the wellbeing of your wife and son.
    You are a real and strong MAN!
    A wonderful and caring human being!
    God bless you always wherever you go!
    Emperatriz Arreaza

    Enviado desde mi movil http://www.BlackBerry.com en la red http://www.Digitel.com.ve


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