[MBA] The 1st Post and my decision to pursue an MBA at HEC Paris

I decided to write this section as an informal guide to people, like you, that are also considering doing an MBA. Hopefully it will complement other information you might see on other blogs, as the it is an important decision-making process. If you find any of the posts helpful do write a review or question and I will try to answer. Some of the content of the posts are part of my MBA application process and documentation.

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After obtaining my undergraduate degree, in 2000, and being in the work force for over a year in the oil sector, I saw the need to specialize in the area of energy and sustainability. This led to pursuing in 2002 an MSc in Sustainable Energy Engineering at KTH Stockholm. That experience opened a  lot of work opportunities in Netherlands, Switzerland, Venezuela, Colombia, South Africa and most recently Chile. Check my LinkedIn Profile if you’d like to see more on my career development.

Since 2006 I had my own architecture/engineering consultancy, collaborated with other firms and directed an academic program in energy efficiency. In many of these instances I was involved not only with the technical aspect but also the vision and management of the business unit or project. At various moment I ponder on pursuing an MBA but economic, family or professional commitments were not ideal. I

The turning point was 2014, when I decided that to excel professionally and provide more value to my clients, customers and personal projects I found that MBA skills were needed for a career transformation, i.e. step up from a technical and coordination environment to formalize my path into corporate and strategic management.

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  1. Excelent decision!
    Congratulations and sucess in your MBA studies. Your knowlege will be important and useful for your present and future colleagues, clients and institutions that you are and will advice. God bless you and your family in this special journey!
    Emperatriz Arreaza- Camero,
    Ph.D Fulbright Alumni (Univ. Iowa)
    Emeritus Prof at Univ of Zulia, Venezuela

    Enviado desde mi movil http://www.BlackBerry.com en la red http://www.Digitel.com.ve


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