[Sustainability] World Urban Forum Journal : What is the future we want and the cities we need?

This is my first visit to Medellín and also first time to the World Urban Forum in its 7th edition.


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After unpacking and settling in the hotel, I walked to the WUF7. With anticipation on the venue, the atmosphere and the week ahead. Getting there from the hotel was not far, but I took more turns that I should which resulted in a 40 minute walk (rather than the 30 min on the way back).

The WUF7 logistics for the first day was very well-managed. All the yellow, red and blue shirts knew their stuff and guided everyone to the proper location. As I had registered before, it was only a matter of picking up the badge.

The entrance to the forum venue was impressive. Incredible how Medellín has transformed the city and built a place like this for such events.

As I entered the White Pavillion the excitement kicked in, the eagerness to see the stands, the countries and organizations that have exhibit and how they are all addressing the issues that face urban areas. Although there were various pavilions, the blue and green had the most impressive stands of all. The Bogota Humanidad was a nice one, as well as the one from Angola. The video from the Swedes took my attention and made me think of the potential for the Araucanía region.

After about 2 hours of walking and getting acquentiance for the start of the activities on Monday, I returned to the hotel. To finish the potential program for the week. Obviously overestimating my ability to attend and pack sessions back-to-back.

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