[Leisure] My Engineer’s Notebook, as featured in ASMEnews

ASMEnews has included in their March issue a series of Q&A about my thoughts and views on engineering and other matters, as a member of the organization. I appreciate being included in the “my engineer´s notebook” series. Here is the link to the article: My Engineer’s Notebook: Timo Marquez

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  1. Excelent Timo Marquez’s article for ASME. I also share with him my admiration for Nelson Mandela, and the same taste for the movie Inner Space. I have the opportunity to be first witness of the growing process of Timo Marquez as a wonderful human being and an excelent engineer. I am not only his proud mother, but also his most interested disciple: I have learn so much from him and for his way to organize his ideas and his path of learning. It is amazing how he really fullfill his dream, to follow Leonardo da Vinci example. Congratulations!. Also, congratulations to ASME for keeping alive the interest in Enginering for young people for all over the world. Keep going!. Sincerely yours, Emperatriz Arreaza (maracaibo-venezuela)


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