COOL VIDEO: A manifesto for play

On my recent trip to Santiago (June 20) for an excellent seminar by architect Peter Stutchbury, I watched this podcast on the 7 hour bus trip from Temuco.

As I watched it, it brought great memories of when play was a part of several activities. And that today, at times there is the need to take out play out of the equation of every day life thinking it will make it more productive and efficient.

After watching the video, and reflecting on it. I came to realize again that productivity, efficiency and everything else does not come by itself but by human interactions and relationships among the people involved. And the best outcomes come when all enjoy what is being done, share similar visions… basically have included the verb “PLAY” in the process.

Now I would not go as far as relating play to any political system, but overall the message is great regardless of the social context. So please watch this video:

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