A note about motivation and good work

Since 13 I have had the opportunity to work. My beginnings were not based on need but on keeping myself busy and getting experience in dealing with people, circumstances and basically learning how to live. After finishing my undergrad courses I got into working in my “profession”, I started like most, i.e. getting what I could get… do have to say I was fortunate at that too. Since then I have worked in various countries, for various companies in types (e.g. industry, academia) and sizes (self-employed, +many numbers).

Throughout my working life, I have been able to understand scenarios and working places which draw me to do a better job, and others where I tend to just comply. I can clearly recall the ones that were motivating, stimulating and very fun, and the ones where routine is the meal of the day. Now the clip below, is very cool in describing the reasons people do good work. I agree in selection of the three factors for better performance: AUTONOMY, MASTERY and PURPOSE.

After watching this video I can agree that the work environments where these 3 factors are promoted, cultivated and encouraged, gives reason to the phrase “giving 110%“. Nonetheless, we still live in societies were this is seen as weird and only applicable to other countries and societies. Few time managers and bosses encourage this type of behavior, as it doesn’t meet short-term goals… well, this is post for another time. In the meantime, enjoy the 10 min video:

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  1. This is a very interesting video… thanks for sharing 😉 I am still working towards my ideal job 😉 But, it was nice to see Linux, Apache and Wikipedia XD


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