ASME 2011 International Congress (Energy and Water Scarcity)

Be part of a technical program that is shaping the future of engineering!

Network with engineering experts, stay on top of the latest advances, and identify potential technological alliances and partnering opportunities with international scientists and engineers from the worldwide R&D community.

Submit and showcase your research as part of an extensive technical program that includes the following areas:

1 Energy Water Nexus
2 Energy Systems Analysis, Thermodynamics, and Sustainability
3 Combustion Science and Engineering
4 NanoEngineering for Energy
5 Nano and Micro Materials, Devices and Systems
6 Microsystems Integration
7 Nanotechnology for Biology and Medicine
8 Biomedical and Biotechnology Engineering
9 Advances for Process Industries
10 Heat and Mass Transport Processes
11 Fluids & Thermal Systems
12 Mechanics of Solids, Structures and Fluids
13 Dynamic Systems and Control
14 Mechatronics & Intelligent Machines
15 Vibration, Acoustics & Wave Propagation
16 Design & Manufacturing
17 Advances in Aerospace Technology
18 Transportation Systems
19 Safety Engineering, Risk Analysis and Reliability Methods
20 Stochastic Optimizations, Uncertainties and Probabilities
21 Engineering Education & Professional Development
22 Globalization of Engineering
23 General
24 Posters



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